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Mikaela Molina

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Strike Out Cancer Fundraiser

Mikaela Molina

Dear Family and Friends,

The 10th anniversary of my Father's passing is coming up in the next few months and I wanted to do something to honor his life. My dad passed from esophageal cancer at age 55. He was a very charitable man, always willing to give and lend a hand at all times. In the last few months before he became bed-ridden, he took up bowling and it sort of became a newfound passion of his.

In celebration of his life, I want to get everyone together to do something he enjoyed and raise funds to support the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the only U.S. nonprofit organization solely devoted to cancer prevention and early detection.

All proceeds, after expenses, will be donated to support the Foundation. Tickets will be available soon if you'd like to attend but, if you cannot make it please make a donation. Let's work together for my dad to Stop Cancer Before It Starts!

Thank you in advance for your support!


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Smooth I got ya back homie!!!!!