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Welcome to The Charity Limestream 2016

We're about to embark on an amazing adventure of gaming for a good cause. Join me and help the world become an ever so slightly better place!

Donation perks:
- A chance to win a signed copy of Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Make sure to fill in the email field.

Donation goal:
- If we hit the $500 donation goal before the end of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst segment, I will perform the "teleport glitch" live on stream.

Donation bid wars:
- Rocket League car - mention in your message which car I should play with. Whichever car has the highest bids at the start of a match will be the car for that match!
- Mirror's Edge Runner Vision mode - mention in your message which mode I should play on. If the top mode changes, I'll switch to that mode.



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Personal Overview

So far I've raised 148% of my goal
Personal Goal:$500.00
Money Raised:$741.62

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Aaaaaaah... *splat*
Before we end, One last donetion to be sent The stream was fun Sad it's done Goodbye
Remember when I said yesterday that I would donate more later? Well, I finally keot my promise. Thanks for the stream, it has been fun so far. The Entrapment games were also really nice. Good luck with the rest of the stream!