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Fundraising Tips


Want to Fundraise but don't know where to start?
These steps should help get you going...

  • Customize your fundraising page with images and a personal message. Let everyone know why you’re passionate about preventing cancer and why they should donate.
  • Set a goal and make the first donation—people are more likely to donate to a page that has already raised some money, $5.00 should get the ball rolling!
Bonus Tip: Don't forget to set an end date! A sense of urgency encourages people to act. 
  • Ask friends & family for support by sharing, tweeting or posting your fundraiser on social media, writing an email or making a phone call. Connecting with your community will help you reach your goal.
Bonus Tip: Keep it trending! Make regular updates on your social media pages to stay in touch with your supporters.
You can find some helpful resources in the
  • Say thank you when your fundraiser ends, make sure to show your appreciation to everyone that helped you reach your goal. 

Need help conveying your message?
View our  Guide to Preventing Cancer®