Treasure Chest 2017 | Green Flash Brewing Company

Established in 2011 by Green Flash co-founder and breast cancer survivor, Lisa Hinkley, Treasure Chest is the brewery’s annual charity program.


Treasure Chest 2017 includes a limited release beer and regional event program that enables distributors, retailers, and customers to help raise money for breast cancer research for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Green Flash will donate a portion of program proceeds to the cause, and we ask that participating retailers and distributors match with a $1 per pour donation.

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$500.00 TBThree Sheets Craft Beer Bar
$124.00 JSJerry's Sandwiches
$550.00 DTDevil's Slide Taproom
$1,325.00 BHBeer Thirty Bottle Shop & Pour House
$150.00 5T508 TAVERN
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